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Tyres & More South Africa are tyre specialists tirelessly striving to bring you more value, products and services. Read on for more about Tyres & More.

Tyres & More®

Established: 2013
Initial Franchise Fee: R50 000 excl VAT
Set-up Costs: approx. R2.5 million
Management Fees: 2%
Marketing Fee: 1.5%
FASA Member: No
Fred Scheepers
079 894 4311 / 011 256 4114

About the Franchise

Increased business security under a national franchise banner.

The harsh reality of operating as a business in today’s economy is that consumers are becoming more and more circumspect with their disposable income. Consumers want safe and affordable service from credible, branded retail establishments with a national presence offering good value for money. Reliable and convenient after sales backup also plays a major role in the decision-making of today’s consumers and the uncertainty of dealing with independent, stand-alone entities are making it more and more difficult for independent retailers to weather the economic storm.tyre-fitment-centre

Fortunately, TYRES & MORE® is geared toward becoming one of South Africa’s most recognised fitment centre brands. With a planned retail footprint spanning Southern Africa, the strength of our collective network will build trust in the minds of consumers, establishing consumer confidence and stamping our authority on the automotive fitment industry. This type of brand visibility can only bode well for TYRES & MORE® franchisees, as the reputation of the brand translates into profitable growth for business owners.

Franchisee selection criteria

It is an express requirement of TYRES & MORE® that franchise stores are owner-operated and managed. The success of a TYRES & MORE® franchise operation is entrenched in the clear and unambiguous appreciation by the operator of the culture, operating standards and ethos of TYRES & MORE®, setting us apart from our competitors in terms of our efficient business processes and value-based service offering.

We believe that a franchisee with a vested interest in the success of the business will ensure that the fundamental principles and philosophies which make TYRES & MORE® a success are maintained. Curriculum vitae of the owner and senior management members will be required in order to process an application.

Franchisee Training and Development

Consulting advice from experienced professionals. Thanks to the relationship with TiAuto, TYRES & MORE® franchisees have direct access to industry best practice, transforming more than 40 years of experience into your personal knowledge database.

More brands, more choice

TYRES & MORE® offers a multi-branded franchise opportunity, giving franchisees the freedom to buy a broader range of brands within different product categories. This empowers you to help your customer with a brand that suits their application, as well as their pocket.

 Economies of scale

Franchisees stand to benefit from the favourable buying power of the TiAuto group. Through group procurement initiatives, TYRES & MORE® franchisees can be assured that they’re getting great prices on the right stock, as well as great value deals on a range of value-added products and services, making your business more competitive on numerous levels. Discounted rates can be obtained on various goods and services, including PCs, printers, laptops, consumables such as valves and wheel weights, as well as discounted merchant fees and terminals from Financial Institutions.