The Mattress Medic

Mattress Medic Franchise

  1. Description

The Mattress Medic is Africa’s largest dry mattress cleaning company. Through their unique scientifically proven system used daily in hotels, hospitals and homes across Africa, they have transformed mattress cleaning in Africa.

The Mattress Medic

Established: 2007
Initial Franchise Fee: Varies
Set-up Costs: Incl
Management Fees: From R350
Marketing Fees: Incl
FASA Member: No
Morne Norval
+27 (0)11 675 1884

About the Franchise

The Mattress Medic’s unique micro-franchise model is available in a 3kg or 10kg bag and is ideal as an add-on service to an existing business or a new start-up.

For a turnkey model to service end customers directly, you will require only one staff member per kit. Take a minute to consider the number of houses in your area and without a doubt, very few of these houses are getting their mattresses cleaned regularly.

By encouraging a six-monthly cleaning cycle to maintain the cleanliness of a mattress, licensees/franchisees are able to build up a solid base of repeat business.Ask yourself “when last did you clean your mattress?” Initial franchisee fee varies from R2500, R10 300 and R30 000 depending, and marketing fees are R350, R500, R1 000 respectively.