The Electro Surgeon

Electro Surgeon Franchise

  1. Description

The Electro Surgeon is part of The Surgeon Group of franchises and was established in 2000. Electro Surgeon franchisees offer an electrical maintenance service to public and commercial clients.

The Electro Surgeon

Established: 1993
Initial Franchise Fee: R125 000
Set-up Costs: R350 000
Management Fees: 7%
Marketing Fees: 3%
FASA Member: No
+27 (0)12 342 – 4670/1

About the Franchise

Electro Surgeon offers a 24/7/365 service and employs qualified electricians who do the job right the first time. Electro Surgeon has a close working relationships with its fellow Drain Surgeon franchisees and the two businesses complement one another.

Franchisee selection criteria

Qualified electricians with a good sense of marketing and a willingness to follow a proven success recipe. If the franchisee is not a qualified electrician, one must be employed who can at least issue Certificates of Compliance. 

Franchisor support

The franchise system is based on proven marketing, management, stock and people management systems that have been refined over 20 years. With a dedicated franchise manager who takes a vested interest in the performance of the franchise, assistance and guidance is always available.

The Surgeon Group sources products, negotiates prices and constantly seeks to improve the service offering. This then helps franchisees to focus on the important work of marketing and client relationship

Your investment

An estimated investment is R350 000 which consists of a franchise fee of R125 000, set-up cost of approximately R80 000 and working capital of R150 000. The process to get started is quick and can take less than three months from date of submission of franchise questionnaire to commencement of trade.

Application process

  • Request client introduction
  • Sign and submit non-disclosure agreement
  • Submit online franchisee questionnaire
  • Upon approval, The Electro Surgeon will submit the portfolio of services
  • Client reviews the portfolio of services and discusses and clarifies issues
  • If client wants to proceed, invoice is issued for franchise fee
  • Once franchisee fee is paid, training date is scheduled and starting date penciled in
  • Franchisee receives a checklist of all the tasks to complete and once they’ve all been done, doors can open and trading begins.