The Courier Guy

The Courier Guy Franchise

  1. Description

What started as “a favour for a friend” in 2000 has developed into a worldwide courier company, setting a trend for franchising in this industry.

The Courier Guy

Established: 2000
Initial Franchise Fee: R125 000
Set-up Costs: R350 000
Management Fees: N/A
Marketing Fees: N/A
FASA Member: Yes
Helga Steenkamp
0861 203 203

About the Franchise

When Stephen Gleisner dropped a file at the printers for a friend, he didn’t envisage becoming the latest courier service in town. Having time on hand it was easy to “do a favour” for a few more people. As business came streaming in, it necessitated employing another driver and setting up an office.

Later, another driver followed and another, and so on. Customers noticed this and even though “business was good”, it was not the same as when Stephen was the driver. Coming from a franchising background the solution was forthcoming: By franchising the areas, a franchisee will not only take responsibility for customers but also build relationships and thus give a customer the attention they deserve!

The Courier Guy has grown from the humble beginning on one motorbike to a tightly knit family of customers, franchisees and agents. Through franchising the company has structured it’s organisation so the main focus is the customer and the franchisee. It has been able to empower individuals with responsibility, form the drivers and porters upwards to the franchisee.

It has eliminated unproductive environments and unprofitable courier branches. Everyone in the organisation is service driven and customer driven to make a success of their business.