Physio On Wheels Franchise

  1. Description

Anelma graduated from the University of Pretoria, South Africa, in 1997, where after she started the Physio-On-Wheels concept.


Established: 2011
Initial Franchise Fee: R292 000 – R550 000
Set-up Costs: R22 000 – R60 000
Management Fees: R15 000 – R90 500
Marketing Fees: 1,5% of TO
FASA Member: Yes
Anelma Fourie
+27 (0)82 571 3123

About the Franchise

Physio-On-Wheels is a physiotherapy business that can be owned by an independent owner. Physio-On-Wheels has its own practise number.

The business focuses on home visits – bringing the physio to the patients’ residence with all physiotherapy equipment made light and mobile. Only registered, licensed physiotherapists in South Africa are part of the Physio-On-Wheels team and provide the home visits.