Phat Feesh & Chips

Phat Feesh and Chips Franchise

  1. Description

The company started in 2010, registered in 2011, and the first franchisee store opened in 2011. During 2011, the business went through operational and procedural changes and by March 2012 the brand was acquired by Vincent Marino, the first franchise

Phat Feesh & Chips

Established: 2010
Initial Franchise Fee: R70 000
Set-up Costs: R230 000
Management Fees: R3 000
Marketing Fees: R2 000
FASA Member: No
Vincent Marino
+27 (0)82 257 3213

About the Franchise.

Phat Feesh & Chips develop, operate and franchise retail stores utilising the Phat Feesh & Chips system in single-brand stores, selling fish, chips, a variety of twelve sausages, calamari, fish burgers, sauces, cool drinks plus a potpourri of other products.

Phat Feesh & Chips has a vibrate look and a modern contemporary feel, which strengthens its dynamic identity. The Phat Feesh & Chips brand is moving into a new era with a funky look, exciting ideas, and a delicious menu, which is set to make it one of the most exciting brands in the take-away market. Striking colours distinguish it from its competitors.

Open store designs encourage fast recognition throughout the public. Great care is taken to ensure that the layout of each store promotes efficiency, customer comfort and satisfaction. the company’s methods of operation and high standards adds to its identity as a reliable trader in the fast food industry.