Liquor City 'The Liquor Boys'

Liquor City Franchise

  1. Description

Liquor City – The Liquor City Boys was started in April 1994 and grew to what it is today through perseverance, dedication and a strong will to bring discounted liquor to a broad target market.

Liquor City ‘The Liquor Boys’

Established: 1994
Initial Franchise Fee: O/A
Set-up Costs: O/A
Management Fees: O/A
Marketing Fees: O/A
FASA Member: Yes
Liquor City Head Office
+27 (0)11 306 9999

About the Franchise

Liquor CIty is one of the largest independent liquor groups in the country. Liquor City believes it must be pleasant to buy liquor, therefor a convenient, friendly and pleasant enviroment is needed. Liquor CIty has during the last decade made a name as the most popular liquor store. Convert your exisitng store to a Liquor City or consider opening a Liquor City store.