Jimmy’s Killer Fish & Chips

Jimmy's Killer Fish and Chips Franchise

  1. Description
Jimmy’s Killer Fish & Chips is the take-out offering of the Jimmy’s Killer Prawns Group.

Jimmy’s Killer Fish & Chips

Established: 2011
Initial Franchise Fee: R50 000
Set-up Costs: R500 000
Management Fees: 5%
Marketing Fees: 4%
FASA Member: No
Aneez Amod
+27 (0)11 027 8678

About the Franchise

Jimmy’s Killer Fish & Chips is the take-out offering of the Jimmy’s Killer Prawns Group. It’s highly successful due to the philosophy of quality which is based on the delivery of excellent products, adherence to systems, cleanliness, commitment, passion and community focus.

The franchise defies the usual traditions and stereotypes about the fish and chips industry. From packaging, quality of product and execution, Jimmy’s Killer Fish & Chips stores maintain the high service and hygiene standards its guests have come to expect from the Jimmy’s Killer Prawns Group. 

Jimmy’s Killer Fish and Chips has taken the fish and chips concept that came to South Africa many years ago and adapted it to modern conditions where hygiene and health are of prime importance. Jimmy’s Killer Fish and Chips stores are designed and built taking these factors into consideration. Our Fish comes from MSC approved resources and therefore does not fall into the SASSI orange category like other hake.

Franchisee selection criteria

Jimmy’s Killer Fish & Chips requires absolute honesty from franchisee applicants and evaluates applications based on this.

Franchisees also need to meet further criteria that include credibility, good interpersonal skills, team player attitude, a positive disposition, and ability and willingness to work hard and long hours. They also evaluate financial standing, previous business experience, and capacity for conflict resolution, store management, administrative control and computer literacy.

Franchisor support

Your Jimmy’s Killer Fish and Chips training programme consists of one week of intensive training at an established Fish & Chips training store. You’ll be taught all aspects of food service management including cooking, customer service and personnel management. You will also receive accounting, marketing and operations manuals during your training.

An operations representative will be available for ongoing support, and their expert operational skills in running Jimmy’s Fish & Chips will assist you in learning how to operate an efficient outlet. Approved suppliers provide proprietary and other products, giving the benefit of volume purchasing and maintaining quality standards.

Your investment

An average store is between 70m2 and 100m2, although stores from 40m2 to 150m2 are practical. Time of franchisee approval to opening can vary substantially due to variables such as landlord delays, approval of financial packages etc, but the time from site occupation to opening can be between ten and 15 days.

Break-even is reached between the first and second month in 90% of stores, and those that don’t achieve this generally do so within three months of opening. It is possible for you to recoup your investment within nine to 12 months, depending on the management structure.

Application process

A nine point process gets you your store:

  • Apply for and complete the application form
  • Face to face interview and assessment
  • Credit check
  • Bank balances and available cash investigated
  • Site assessed and rental structures negotiated to fit in with cash flow
  • Lease signed by franchisee and joining fee paid
  • If financed, the relevant documentation is sent to financial institution
  • Once all finance is available development of the store begins
  • Store handover and opening.