InSite Transit Advertising

InSite Franchise

  1. Description

InSite was founded in 2009 having successfully developed a system whereby content and advertising can be remotely downloaded onto screens inside taxis.

InSite Transit Advertising

Established: 2010
Initial Franchise Fee: R450 000
Set-up Costs: R200 000
Management Fees: R5 700
Marketing Fees: Varies
FASA Member: Yes
Lynn Cocciante
+27 (0)33 345 7416

About the Franchise

InSite Transit Advertising offers a unique opportunity to entrepreneurs to establish a taxi TV network in their town. After setting up a minimum of 20 taxis in that area with remote operated playback units, the franchisee is able to sell advertising space to local advertisers.

InSite Transit Advertising will produce and broadcast the adverts on behalf of the franchisee. In addition to the advertising revenues, there are other revenues associated with the playback system and the taxi fleet. The franchise fee includes the cost of 20 playback units.