Fastway Couriers (South Africa)

Fastway Couriers Franchise

  1. Description

Fastway Couriers is the world’s largest courier franchise and the largest courier franchise in South Africa.  Fastway was established in 1983 in New Zealand and has been in business for over 30 years. It is a highly successful global organisation, and has won over 59 franchise and industry awards. Fastway has in excess of 63 regional franchisees and 1 200 courier franchisees.

Fastway Couriers (South Africa)

Established: 1983(NZ) and 2007(RSA)
Initial Franchise Fee: From R40 000
Set-up Costs: O/A
Management Fees: N/A
Marketing Fees: N/A
FASA Member: No
Any staff member
+27 (0)11 234 9393

About the Franchise

Fastway Couriers provides delivery services to more than 95 000 customers worldwide. The Group’s annual turnover exceeds $450 million. There are two distinct Fastway franchise opportunities: Regional franchises and Courier franchises. A Regional franchisee is granted an exclusive territory in which to develop its business.

The franchise is granted in perpetuity. A Regional franchise is a large management business opportunity that provides business services to Courier franchisees. These services include the provision of a depot, training, IT, administration, operational, sales and marketing support. The franchise is granted in perpetuity and provides the opportunity to create a significant capital gain.

A Regional franchisee has the potential to create a high income generating business. Comprehensive training, support and assistance are provided, including the opportunity to view the Fastway business in various locations around the world. Regional franchise opportunities are available in all major cities. Please see their website for details.

A Courier franchisee is granted an exclusive territory within a region and the franchise is granted in perpetuity. Opportunity exists to create goodwill and significant capital gains. It is a five-day business week, and there are no ongoing royalties and marketing fees.

Comprehensive training, support and assistance is provided prior to commencement and on an ongoing basis. Fastway operates in a unique market niche which has been Fastway’s success in all the countries where it is located. The Fastway philosophy is low cost, pre-paid, easy to use systems, transparent pricing, leading edge technology and personalised service levels.