Equal Zeal Training

Equal Zeal Franchise

  1. Description

EQual Zeal was founded by child behavioural expert, Zelna Lauwrens whose educational background includes 17 years teaching experience, University lecturing experience, an Honours Degree in Psychology of Education, and is currently in completion a Masters Degree in Psychology.

Equal Zeal Training

Established: 2005
Initial Franchise Fee: R20 000 – R80 000
Set-up Costs: R30 000
Management Fees: R1 000
Marketing Fees: R300
FASA Member: No
Zelna Lauwrens
+27 (0)82 447 3343

About the Franchise

Zelna is an author and seasoned public speaker who has appeared in numerous TV talk shows and radio interviews, and has been cited in major magazine and newspaper publications. Zelna’s passion is to share the skills for leading a positive life with a diverse range of community members and leaders, and in so doing to create a wave of positive change amongst children and adults of all ages.

Currently, Zelna has an independent representative running her programmes in all provinces of South Africa as well as internationally, and she is the leader in the market of life skills training for children, families, parents, schools, teachers and learners.