Dial a Battery

Dial a Battery Franchise

  1. Description

Dail a Battery (DAB) provides training and equipment to recondition old vehicle batteries which is a huge market particularly in Africa where customers are looking for quality and value for money. DAB offers a very unique charger that is imported from Taiwan and have been used for many years worldwide with excellent results.

Dial a Battery

Established: 2007
Initial Franchise Fee: R45 000
Set-up Costs: R2 000
Management Fees: R300
Marketing Fees: R250
FASA Member: No
Deon Bester
+27 (0)83 923 0030

About the Franchise

DAB consists of an agency specialising in the supply of equipment specially designed for the refurbishing of used motorcycle, car, truck, boat and forklift batteries. These batteries are readily available from new battery dealers, battery scrap yards and customers such as transport companies and secondhand car dealers that are looking to replace old batteries for reconditioned ones at a reduced price.

DAB offers a product that delivers just that and supports the protection of the environment by recycling and using other eco friendly methods of looking after the environment. Instead of discarding an old battery, DAB will recycle it with its unique de-sulphation machine and offers a six month guarantee on reconditioned batteries. Recycled batteries are resold for 60-70 % of the new price affording clients a huge saving in difficult times.

There are two basic marketing models: a) DAB makes a deal with a fleet owner such as a truck company, courier service or any other fleet owner to manage the batteries. It will then recondition all old batteries on site and manage future battery usage on a contract basis.

Thus no need to buy stock. Option b) The retail model of buying and selling used batteries, reconditioning them and offer for sale to second-hand car dealers, the public and companies. The package comes complete with a tools and equipment, chemicals, one-day training, telephonic and technical support, courier for client accounts, training manual, posters and banners for workspace.