Conewich Franchise

  1. Description

Spiral Food Franchising Pty Ltd, organised under the laws of RSA, has obtained a Master License from Conewich Enterprises Limited Partnership in the U.S.A. for the exclusive right to manufacture, sell and distribute the Conewich® bread cone in South Africa.


Established: 2008
Initial Franchise Fee: R170 000
Set-up Costs: R950 000
Management Fees: R2 000
Marketing Fees: R1 500
FASA Member: No
Glen Cronje
+27 (0)83 459 6467

About the Franchise

The unique, cone-shaped sandwich is dedicated for busy people, eating on the move; it consists of fresh bread wrapped around a range of ingredients. It can be held in one hand, so the snackers can continue to work or travel while they eat. Conewich bread cones will give people the chance to enjoy a snack as they hail a taxi, answer the phone, use a computer mouse, hold a glass or a cup of coffee or try to keep on their feet on the bus or train. The Conewich bread cone is also less messy to eat than a conventional sandwich.