Brain Clinic

Brain Clinic Franchise

  1. Description

In 1997 Annelize Vermaak, Franchisor of Brain Clinic started with research on Hemispheric Specialization as well as the implications it has on studying. After intensive research she opened the first Brain Clinic

Brain Clinic

Established: 2007
Initial Franchise Fee: N/A
Set-up Costs: R70 000 – R600 000
Management Fees: 5%
Marketing Fees: N/A
FASA Member: No
Annelize Vermaak
+27 (0)44 873 4739

About the Franchise

The company conducts evaluation of clients, determining their Unique Learning Profile (ULP) and teaching of Scientific Learning Systems according to their ULP. The franchisee does not “work”, they fulfill a purpose in life and change the lives of their clients positively. The company changes stressful study into successful study.