Monique Verduyn

Monique Verduyn

Monique Verdyun is a regular contributor to Franchise Zone. Franchise Zone is published by Entrepreneur Media SA. It offers advice and franchising opportunities in South Africa.
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  • Safe and Sound
    Safe and Sound

    Riverport Training Academy could be your ticket to owning a solid, stable business that has the advantage of helping people in their greatest need – when emergencies arise or disaster strikes.

  • A Model Franchise
    A Model Franchise

    Social entrepreneurs like Kelli Givens have a healthy impatience. Instead of waiting for change to happen, they make it happen. The CEO of South Africa’s first social franchise system explains how entrepreneurs who are committed to driving social change can turn a profit too.

  • Burning Rubber
    Burning Rubber

    After swooping down on the tyre industry nearly 30 years ago, Supa Quick remains poised for growth.

  • Making a Franchise Boom
    Making a Franchise Boom

    Yadhir Mooloo has given a sixty-year-old brand a makeover, turning it into a fast-growing R100 million business that’s on the lookout for franchisees.

  • Turning Love for Food into a Lifestyle
    Turning Love for Food into a Lifestyle

    There’s more to Portugal’s rich culinary heritage than peri-peri chicken. That’s something that Luis Ferreira has proved by growing Adega’s huge customer base.