What Kind of Franchise Leader Are You?

When it comes to franchisees, franchisors are looking for a fine balance between compliance and independence.

What Kind of Franchise Leader Are You?

Compliance because they need to be sure you’ll listen to their rules and adhere to their operations, and independence because they don’t want to be holding your hand the whole time.

Even then, like running any business, there are four dominant leadership styles that need to be employed at one point or another. So, which is your dominant style and where can you improve? Better yet, how can you identify the leadership traits in your employees and harness them to the business’s benefit? Read the four styles below and think about which one is most (and least) like you.

Personality DISC

The DISC assessment tool is an acronym for Dominance, Influencing, Steadiness and Compliance. In different situations, different styles are required – for example a hard stance toward a sensitive employee is a recipe for tears, and a dominant style in the face of a headstrong employee is like adding explosives to a fire.

If, however, you spot a franchisee with a good idea and you meet it with steadiness and compliance, you could be on to a winning recipe. On a staffing level, take these leadership traits into consideration when promoting someone or hiring a new addition.

Type 1 – The Conductor. These are leaders are direct, with a constant sense of urgency and focus. They want to win and win all the time, can make quick decisions and have a competitive edge. This kind of leader drives change, values new ideas, and isn’t afraid of confrontation.

As a result conductors have a way of getting things done. But be warned: Conductors can be difficult, stubborn and egotistical and tend toward impatience and impulsivity. These characteristics can lead to mistakes. Conductors should therefore remember to take a breath and not expect everyone to keep up with their pace.

Type 2 – The Influencer. This kind of leader is optimistic, motivational, and a people-oriented communicator. They are typically enthusiastic, in tune with other people around them, and like helping and motivating other people – made easier by their natural ability to do so.

Be warned: Influencers are great communicators, but can at times have too much to say and have trouble staying focused. They can also be disorganised and can let their relationships and fears influence their own ability to make good decisions.

Type 3 – The Supporter. These individuals are great in high pressure situations: they’re steady and unflappable. Supporters are the glue that holds a team together and you’ve got to push pretty hard to get them to lose their tempers.

Their patience, reliability, sense of calm and stability rub off on those around them and they’re also very loyal. Be warned: Stability is a great trait, but can result in becoming stuck in indecision and complacency. Supporters dislike confrontation and they avoid it wherever possible. Risk aversion has its place, but procrastination can trip up a Supporter when leadership is required.

Type 4 – The Analyser. They’re smart, they’re analytical and they follow the rules. Being detail-oriented, analysers ask thoughtful questions and leave no stone unturned to ensure quality and accuracy. While their pace is typically slower than a Conductor, the job will get done right the first time around.

Be warned: Ever heard of ‘analysis paralysis’? If perfectionism is allowed to reign, it can cripple decision-making and exacerbate fear of failure and/or criticism. Others may see Analysers as nit-picky control freaks with a tendency to micro-manage. This needs to be kept in check in order to avoid over-thinking instead of taking action.

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