Trend Watch for 2015

With every year comes innovations and trends. So what can be expected from 2015 on the food and beverage front?

Trend Watch for 2015

While it may take some time to reach South Africa, there’s no time like the present to get ahead of the pack. Here’s what’s set to happen in the international arena.

  1. Meals with bragging rights. With increasing use of Twitter and Instagram, and brands recognising the power of real-time social media buzz, you can expect weird and wonderful menu items popping up to follow in the footsteps of the pizza cookie.
  2. Less is more. Tappas and dim sum have been around for decades, but they’re finding their way onto popular dining menus as consumers look towards smaller, more frequent on-the-go meals
  3. Sit-downs set to shrink. Following the trend of smaller meals, more and more consumers are time-pressured and spending less time in sit-down restaurants. What’s going to take their place? Health vending, delivery services, and pop-ups.
  4. Bitter is better. Healthy eating advocates will rejoice as American palates are slowly moving away from sickly sweet and more towards deeper, richer, bitter flavours in coffee, chocolate, and hoppier beers.
  5. Healthy options first. The rise of clean food diets and personalised plans like vegan, gluten and dairy free, low carb etc, is proving a bit of a headache for brands looking to grow foot traffic. The answer? Pick-and-choose formats.
  6. Highlighting the human factor. With calls for sustainable chains of production, increased minimum wage, and intercepting food waste, the spotlight for 2015 is falling on the people and impact behind the food.
  7. Out with Millennials. Just as businesses are getting to grips with how Millennials work, there’s a new generation coming through – Generation Z. What’s their penchant? High-tech service, loud music, moving visuals and heightened experiences – which will certainly ruffle the Millennials’ feathers.
  8. Asian persuasion. On the American front, it’s not just sushi that’s found its way into the hearts of consumers, but Korean and Vietnamese cuisines are set to take over mainstream menus.


Tracy Lee Nicol
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Tracy-Lee Nicol is the managing editor of Franchise Zone Magazine and deputy editor of Entrepreneur Magazine. She studied her Masters degree in Art History and Visual Culture at Rhodes University and spent the next two years working and travelling in Asia. Her love of people, business and teaching is reflected in telling the stories of entrepreneurs, franchisees and franchisors, inspiring others to take the leap to being their own boss and bringing about positive change in South Africa.

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