Traits of the Best Franchisees

The five key characteristics of charismatic people can be learnt and nurtured.

Traits of the Best Franchisees

What makes for a likeable franchisee? You’ll be glad to know that while some are born this way, it’s a trait that you can develop. Why is it so important to be likeable? The short answer is that it’s good for your business. Here, Bronwyn Oliveira, brand manager of Maxi’s, outlines five traits you can get working on today.

“The five key characteristics charismatic people display are likeability, confidence, optimism, good listening skills and being comfortable with who they are,” says Oliveira.

“These are the qualities that make business people successful and stand out from the rest.”

1. Likeability

Running a business with confidence and authority is different to ruling with an iron fist. The latter will result in being unpopular with employees and customers.

Lead by example through equal treatment, being fair and displaying trust in your staff’s ability to do their jobs, by being positive and productive.

2. Confidence

In the same way happiness, sadness or anger can be cultivated, confidence can be groomed and triggered to achieve business success.

Have a smile on your face and dress for success. Looking and feeling good contributes at least 50% to confidence.

Then, if you continually learn and keep up to date with your industry, you’ll speak confidently about your business.

3. Optimism

Great leaders are optimistic by nature. Look for opportunity where others see problems. It will give you a competitive advantage.

Through open and honest communication, optimistic leaders inspire enthusiasm and motivation in their teams. Optimists also understand that setbacks happen and deal with them by identifying what can be changed or fixed.

4. Good listening skills

Charismatic leaders are known to have exceptional listening skills and can have engaging conversations. Ask open-ended questions that relate to someone to take it from listening to connecting. The key to communicating is to seek understanding before seeking to be understood.

5. Being comfortable in your own skin

Leaders have a high degree of self-awareness, and don’t take themselves or their achievements too seriously. Rather, they value integrity and authenticity, and take responsibility for their actions.

Bronwyn Oliveira
About the Author
Senior Brand Manager at Maxis Grill

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