Speed Painting (Your House)

How 1-888-Wow-1Day! Painting doesn’t get painted with the same brush as slow, shabby, one-man-bands.

Speed Painting (Your House)

Imagine leaving for work one morning, shaking your head as you look in the rearview mirror at your house in need of a lick of paint, and then arriving home that same day and it’s freshly painted, top to bottom, not a corner missed.

It would be easy to think you’re hallucinating, but it’s a service in the style of Extreme Makeover Home Edition that actually exists. And while most people don’t think they’ve stumbled across the next big thing when they hire a contractor to paint their home, it’s exactly what happened to Brian Scudamore — the entrepreneur who founded and built a $100 million franchise collecting other people’s junk with 1-800-Got-Junk.

Painting the house red

Scudamore spied a golden opportunity when he met with three contractors bidding to paint his house. One of them, Jim Bodden, promised he could paint the entire house in one day.

“True as anything, I came home at 6:30pm on paint day and the entire home, floor to ceilings, moulding to trim was done,” Scudamore says.

That was enough to convince him that this house painter should be his new business partner. Scudamore proposed meshing Bodden’s 22 years of painting experience with his 22 years of franchise experience, and in February 2011, 1-888-Wow-1Day! Painting was born.

And it promises (and delivers) exactly what it says — to finish any painting job in one day.

No painting into a corner here

The business is now growing faster than Scudamore’s junk-removal business, which has expanded to 200 franchises globally. As of 2012, the company had 11 franchise partners around the US, and aims to have that number up to 50 franchises by mid-2013.

 “We have a huge potential to take a very fragmented mom-andpop business and turn it into something very special,” Scudamore says.

The business uses mostly eco-friendly paints, and services include residential interior and exterior painting, a property management programme, commercial painting, real estate services, and painter for a day.

The business promises one day completion, high quality work, spotless clean up, and professional, uniformed painters — what more could a customer ask for? Better yet, a franchisee could pay less than $50 000 to open a location, which is much less than the typical fast-food franchise.

Men at work

So how do the logistics work? Obviously if you want speed you need lots of hands, and lots of hands need to be paid.

But this balances itself out very elegantly when you realise that the quicker you can get jobs done (not forgetting the highest standards of work), the higher premium you can charge for the convenience factor, and the more jobs you can get done in a week, month or year.

The trick is in planning. Like Extreme Makeover Home Edition — which uses a lot of time-lapse video to make things look quicker — there is thorough planning conducted before a paintbrush is even brought into the house:

  • Customers call or go online to book a free, no obligations estimate
  • One of the company’s Superstar Estimators will visit your home for a free, no obligation estimate
  • They book your project date
  • It’s painting day
  • They call you after the job to follow up on your level of satisfaction.

Boom! Job done.

  • Founders: Jim Bodden and Brian Scudamore
  • Established: 2011
  • Footprint: 11 (2012)
  • Contact: wow1daypainters.com



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