Sizing up Locations

All franchises need to make well-considered decisions about the location of their business. So don’t shoot in the dark; use this checklist to shed some light on your choices.

Sizing up Locations

Answer the following questions by indicating whether it’s a strength or weakness of the potential site as it relates to your prospective business.

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Once you have completed a worksheet for each prospective location, compare the relative strengths and weaknesses of each site to determine the value of each to the success of your business.

  1. Is the facility located in an area zoned for your type of business?
  2. Is the facility large enough for your business?
  3. Does it meet your layout requirements?
  4. Are the exterior and interior of the building in a good state of repair?
  5. Are the lease terms and rent favourable?
  6. Will you have to make any leasehold improvements?
  7. Do the existing utilities meet your needs, or will you have to do any rewiring or plumbing work? Is ventilation adequate?
  8. Is the facility easily accessible to your potential clients or customers?
  9. Is there suitable parking, is it free or paid, and does this impact your business?
  10. If applicable, is there good access to public transportation?
  11. Can suppliers make deliveries conveniently at this location?
  12. Can you find a number of qualified employees in the area in which the facility is located?
  13. Is the location convenient to where you live?
  14. Is the facility consistent with the image you would like to maintain? Does it have ‘curb appeal’?
  15. Is there suitable space for exterior or interior signage, and will local ordinance permit the type of signage you want to instal?
  16. Is the facility located in a safe neighbourhood with a low crime rate? Will security and insurance be prohibitively expensive?
  17. Is exterior lighting in the area adequate to attract evening shoppers and make them feel safe?
  18. Are neighbouring businesses likely to attract customers who will also patronise your business?
  19. Are there any competitors located close to the facility? If so, can you compete with them successfully?
  20. Do pedestrian and passing motorist traffic counts meet your requirements?
  21. Is the store located in an area comprised mainly of your target audience?
  22. Is the population density of the area sufficient for your sales needs?
  23. Is the trade area heavily dependent on seasonal business?
  24. If your business expands in the future, will the facility be able to accommodate this growth?

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