Let’s Talk About Tweets, Baby

It’s a digital world, so here’s how to get feet through your door without stepping on your franchisor’s toes.

Let’s Talk About Tweets, Baby

It’s amazing to think that, just ten short years ago, the best way to market your franchise was probably with an ad in the local paper, fliers or door hangers. While door hangers may still work, the advent of social media has changed the landscape in the restaurant and retail world 100%. But social media can be a double-edged sword, so here are some do’s and don’ts.


  • DO have a rocking Facebook page, preferably designed by a professional. Remember how many people will eventually see this if things go the way you want them to.
  • DO have a Twitter account. You don’t have to be a maniac posting constantly.  One a day is preferable. Posting a great lunch special in the AM could likely bring in more business. Or, post a dinner special in the afternoon. Use hashtags.
  • DO have an Instagram account if possible. It’s easiest if you have a reliable employee who is excellent at taking pictures with their smartphone. Post that lunch special pic.
  • DO include links in your posts to the company website and other subjects of interest related to the post.
  • DO engage your audience. So instead of just saying how great your food is, ask them questions such as: ’Which one of our sandwiches is your favourite?’
  • DO keep everything looking clean. If you are using graphics (which you should on Facebook) keep them high resolution and vibrant.
  • DO monitor all sites including Hello Peter to learn how customers feel about your business. Acknowledge negative remarks with a phrase such as: ‘Thank you for your feedback. We are looking into this matter.’
  • DO make sure if you’re not posting content yourself, that you explicitly trust the person who is.
  • DO make sure that the hashtag you’re using can’t be hijacked for racist, sexist or political agendas.


  • DON’T feed the trolls. Avoid engaging with those leaving negative comments. This means do not defend yourself or argue with the commenter.
  • DON’T post political or controversial items to your business page, even if you think they’re funny.
  • DON’T bash a competitor or anyone else on your business page.
  • DON’T make it personal. Don’t let your emotions out all over your pages.
  • DON’T like your own posts. It’s like laughing at your own jokes.

And one more big DO: Proofread all of your posts before you post them.


Joe Prusha
About the Author
Joe Prusha is the owner of Erbert & Gerbert's in Milwaukee, Wisc., serving Eastside, Shorewood, Murray Hill, Riverwest and Downtown. As a young man, Prusha worked at Erbert & Gerbert's to pay for college then worked at a variety of restaurant concepts in order to evaluate their strengths and decided to open his Erbert & Gerbert's because they were the best he'd encountered. His Milwaukee location opened in 2009 and has been thriving since.

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