Is it essential to have industry experience to own a franchise?

The answer to this depends on a few factors.

For a start, it depends on the franchisor. Some franchisors belong to the ‘less is more’ school of thought, believing that if you’re new to the industry that they can train you to their specifications. They will also have training programmes and ongoing support to ensure you find your feet. Others prefer to have individuals with experience in the industry.

Franchises are significant investments both in time, effort and money and it’s not advisable to invest in an industry in which you have no experience or know nothing about. It’s very important, then, to conduct thorough research into the health of the industry and brand.

Ask an existing franchisee if you can volunteer in their unit to get a feel for things, and make sure the industry is something you’re passionate about, not just tempted by the prospect of making money.

Alison Job
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Alison Job is the online editor and custom content liaison at Entrepreneur Media SA. She comes from a news background, having worked at the SABC during her formative years, but has also spent time doing corporate communications, public relations and editing trade journals as well as consumer magazines.

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