I want to turn my take away into a franchise, but I’m worried about having to change portion sizes and costs and upsetting customers because of changing to bulk purchasing. What should I do?

One of the factors to consider when deciding on the amount of food per portion in a restaurant is the buying price.

Portion control is closely linked with food cost: Better quality meat, for example, usually yields greater number of portions than poorer quality meat because there will be less trimming involved. Obviously the upfront cost will be higher, but the quality of the end result will be better.

So when deciding on whether to franchise your business or not, consider the real cost of changing the quality of your product in order to save money. Remember, if you’re selling quality product, consumers are prepared to pay for it.

Explain to your existing customers about the reasoning for the change in product and/or price, but be warned, don’t try convince them of a higher price and poorer product, they will see right through you.

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