I really love a franchise I’ve been researching and don’t feel like there’s anything like it on the market. Should I still research the other brands anyway?

The short answer is YES.

Within any given sector there are going to be a number of franchise concepts available. If you’re looking at a café, for example, look at other options in the sector, such as catering. You may find that there’s an option that excites you that you previously hadn’t considered.

You need to be absolutely sure that the brand you want to invest in comes out tops in terms of being established, the number of stores, the resources head office can provide, and whether it’s popular with consumers or faced any lawsuits recently.

If you still have your heart set on one brand, then go about further due diligence in the form of talking to as many existing franchisees as you can. Ask them questions about the business, about the franchisors, the customers, and most of all if they’re happy with their investment and would do it over again if given the chance.


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    I would like to know where is the best place to go to for funding a franchise business ?

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