eatsa Brings Automation to Fast Food

Fast food has been redefined with the opening of eatsa, which offers ‘bold, fresh and flavourful customised quinoa bowls that are prepared blazing fast, at an unbeatable price point’.

eatsa Brings Automation to Fast Food

Located in San Francisco, eatsa delivers a fully automated personalised experience that aims to combine the speed and affordability of fast food with delicious flavours, nutritious ingredients and hearty portions.

“eatsa is reinventing fast food by combining the speed and affordability of fast food with the delicious flavours and nutritious ingredients of premium fast casual,” says Tim Young, co-founder of eatsa. “By developing new technology to automate every aspect of the food experience, we are able to deliver a product with the best qualities of premium fast casual at a price point that is accessible to everyone.”

eatsa is a change from the usual American fast fare of hamburgers, burritos and salads. eatsa serves up dishes for $6,95, with quinoa as the basis for each bowl.

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eatsa features a simple and interactive ordering experience, a virtual cashier, and no wait time. eatsa’s unique virtual cashier remembers every customer, allowing for highly personalised interaction and tailored suggestions.

A first-of-its-kind automated food pick-up system features a collection of glass door ‘cubbies’. When a customer’s meal is ready, the cubby door transforms to display personalised graphics and presents the food at the touch of a button. This automated system ensures every customer receives their food when and how they want it.

“It’s essentially lunch on demand,” says co-founder Scott Drummond. “eatsa’s ‘Order Anywhere’ concept translates to zero wait time for customers. No more waiting in line. No more $12 lunch salads. Just delicious food that is nutritious, affordable, and quick.”

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