Balancing Act

Balance your work-from-home life.

Balancing Act

When you work from home, whether it’s your own business or a home-based franchise or biz op, it can be hard to differentiate your personal from your professional life, especially because they happen in the same space. Here are five tips to help out:

1. Minimise distractions

Don’t make 20 trips to the kitchen or turn on the TV just because it’s there. And don’t let yourself get sidetracked with household chores.

2. Know when to stop working

You don’t have to commute, and it’s hard to fight the urge to get one more project finished when you live right there. When you stop working, really stop. Close your office door and concentrate on your family.

3. Don’t eat lunch at your desk

To avoid cabin fever, leave your office and eat in another part of your home. Changing scenery and physically removing yourself from work helps clear your mind.

4. Use your office for business related activities only 

Instead of going to your office to have quiet time, pick another room. This will help keep the mindset that the office is for business. The same goes for the rest of the house, if you have a favourite chair for reading or watching TV, don’t do work in it. After a while you won’t be able to switch off and relax.

5. Don’t bring work home

If you and your spouse work together at home, avoid talking about business after hours. Take the focus off work and enjoy spending time with each other.

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